Hello, I’m Kami.

I’m a Birmingham-born creative and PhD candidate at London College of Fashion. I love visual and digital culture, illustration, design for performance (set design and costume) and anything street-related; which is how I sort of fell into the academic field of fashion. I’m obsessed with androgynous style and streetwear, which you’ll probably see from some of the content that I post here.

The title of this blog, Fashion Matters, has a double meaning. Firstly, it implies that fashion isn’t a frivolous topic; I think that it matters, on some level, to each and every one of us. Secondly, I talk a lot about fashiony things (matters), either in relation to my PhD research, or my own personal style. So, yeah… fashion matters!

Mostly, I share little anecdotes about my crazy PhD life, which is full of highs and lows on account of me not fitting the academic mould AT ALL! That being said, it’s been amazing crossing over into fashion education, and I hope you’ll enjoy hearing all about it.

Feel free to drop me a line, leave comments, or just say “hi”. I’m always up for a chat, whether you’re a student, scholar, fashion-lover, or whatever… let’s spark up a conversation.

Kami x