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I’m Kami, welcome to my blog. Here on Fashion Matters, you’ll find tales of my PhD adventures punctuated with fashion, street culture, and my self-deprecating sense of humour. Enjoy!

Introducing: Kami Anderson, The Woman Behind the Blog

Introducing: Kami Anderson, The Woman Behind the Blog


Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m Kami, or just Kam. I’ve thought a lot about what to write for this obligatory ‘first blog post’. I’ve searched online for tips, I’ve checked out other people’s first posts- there really is a lot to consider when embarking on this blogging journey, isn’t there? But, I guess the main thing to do here is to introduce myself and lay out what it is that I hope to achieve with this little fragment of the internet.

As an early follower of fashion and street style blogs, this blog has been a long time coming. It’s definitely inspired by the vanguard, Garance Doré, Susie Bubble, Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton, and in more recent years, the likes of Adam Katz Sinding and fellow fashion PhD-er, Victoria Magrath, whose growth has been amazing to behold. The thing that attracts me to all of these bloggers is their solid understanding of their particular mode of fashion communication- whether that’s journalism, illustration, photography, styling, etc. It’s therefore taken me about 13 years to feel like I’ve got enough authority to talk to people on a platform like this, but alas, I’m here!

Most of the info out there on starting a blog talks about finding a niche, identifying your target audience and establishing your voice from the outset. I’m with it up to that point, but then it moves into alien territory like SEO and driving traffic, and using keywords and phrases etc. etc. All of which makes the whole exercise sound like a chore rather than an exciting digital adventure. Still, I’ve come into this with the idea that I’ll slowly build a network of friends who are either thinking about studying fashion or an art-related subject, are already in higher education (HE), or are at the start of their tremendous research careers. Whether you’re a fashion newbie like me, or a seasoned veteran, I want us to support one another, inspire, uplift, motivate, offer advice, guidance and tips for survival - basically exchanging knowledge and ideas surrounding fashion education and industry.

Perhaps my new friends will be none of the above. Maybe they’re people who just want to peruse my visual content, or hear my embarrassing stories about academia and how out of place I sometimes feel. Regardless of your reason for ending up here though, here’s a little bit about the blog and your new online friend…


I’m a thirty-something self-taught artist from Birmingham and somewhat of a Renaissance woman. You’ve heard the old adage I’m sure, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Well, that is definitely me, but I’m grateful for my meandering and unconventional journey because it’s given me a pretty awesome skill set. Over time you’ll get to hear more about that, but for now, I’ll say that I’ve spent MANY years in education, as a learner, teacher, and more recently, a researcher.

I’ve always been drawn to fashion, but I never ever thought I’d end up where I am now - a postgrad researcher rubbing shoulders with all sorts of amazing people at London College of Fashion. It’s a common misconception that fashion is all ‘Devil Wears Prada’ (one of my favourite films by the way), fashion weeks, and only for the wealthy. But I am no Anne Hathaway, I rarely watch live fashion shows, I cannot sew, I can’t be arsed with shopping, and to be frank, I just can’t afford it anyway. What I am is a ferociously curious person who wants to know how fashion – style, dress, appearance – impacts individuals, groups, cultures and communities. So that’s what I do, I observe different groups of people and comment on what I see. Right now, it’s hip-hop dancers and you’ll be hearing a lot about them on this blog.


On a more personal level, I can be quite daft sometimes. I’m easily amused and don’t believe in taking life too seriously, which is great for my soul. I’m a nurturer and that go-to person, mainly because I’m quite resourceful and pragmatic. As I mentioned before, I can’t maintain a ‘fashionista’ lifestyle, so you won’t find many hauls and luxury goods over here I’m afraid. I do get to attend some pretty cool events and shows through my work though, which is usually when my best clobber comes out. And when I say best, I mean Fresh, sharp, bold, and most likely of the streetwear variety. Heels are not my friend (another story for another post I think), this site is a ‘clacker’-free-zone. Bearing that in mind, I’d like to round-up this introductory post with a quote that’s really stuck with me:

The public assume the fashion industry is peopled with chaotic halfwits- don’t be the cliché. Always wear shoes you can walk in.
— Jo Ellison, Fashion Editor, The Financial Times

So there you have it, a nice little intro to me and my blog. There’s more to come, in the form of anecdotes, advice, and think pieces. l’m a very visual person too, so if nothing else, stop by and check out my photos from time to time, there’s something here for everyone who appreciates style!


Kam x

What I'm Reading: "Thinking Through Fashion" by Agnès Rocamora & Anneke Smelik

What I'm Reading: "Thinking Through Fashion" by Agnès Rocamora & Anneke Smelik